With our distinctive designs and packages no two events will be the same with Live Wire. We understand what our clients are looking for and deserve a show that best suits their vision and budget. Our highly skilled production team will provide a service that is unmatched in the entertainment industry. Live Wire not only has the ability to change the way your guests see entertainment but create an entertainment experience like no other.

With all the options and enhancements that Live Wire has to offer, we guarantee that you will have the best planning experience before and after your big day.

TV Monitors

Events & Entertainment

Wireless Up Lighting

Monograms/Lyco Lighting

Intelligent Lighting

Intelligent lighting creates the club or concert style themed event you may have in mind. With these lights we can do a vast amount of spotlighting, pattern lighting, strobe lighting and much much more! These lights are great for introductions to highlight the bride and groom as they enter the room. Our lighting technician will perform the perfect light show coordinated with you to be sure every cue is hit.

Up lighting is great for themed events and any venues that need a quick facelift. Our lights are wireless battery operated and work at the click of a remote control. With over 20 million different color schemes and effects, these lights can create the atmosphere you've dreamed about. From a solid color, to a flutter, to a strobe light effect, your guests won't know what hit them when these lights begin to take over the show. Not only will our powerful lighting be a great part of your venue, it will help add the right mood once the doors open to your reception hall.

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Monograms are customized logos that can light up any dance floor and add a flair of sophistication to your venue and event. The way it works is a projected image can be pictured on the dance floor and or walls to create a lighting effect that brings together the design of your event. The logo creates a personalization for your event that can create a lasting image in your guests heads. We like to call it branding your special day to create a once in a lifetime unique wow factor.


TVs can be used at any event from a sweet 16 to a corporate party. Share past and current highlights that demand your guests attention. The TV abilities seem almost endless including candid photos, Instagram, display custom DVD montage, photo booth uploads and live simulcasting. Our TVs come in different sizes to bring together the design of your event.